What is Insight?
At Insight Seminars, we help people create the love, success, financial freedom and connection that they want in their lives. Here in the Greater Boston area, we have a thriving community that produces seminars and classes throughout the year.
Insight Seminars is an international non-profit that has been helping people for almost 40 years to create miracles in their lives.

Special Event:
An Evening with Mike and Janet

Thursday December 16
7:30 - 9:00 pm
with Janet Parker and Michael Connor

Mike and Janet are hosting another wonderful evening Zoom call. This holiday themed gathering will be fun, easy and inspiring with a focus on gratitude. Everyone is invited to the call and it is free.

CLICK HERE to register

Our dear friend Jacob Handelman passed away on October 16th, after suffering injuries received during an accident the previous day.

Jacob was a man of service to his many communities including Insight, Temple Sha’arei Shalom, MDI (his men’s community), and many more. He embodied the heart-centered lessons of Insight in all areas of his life, sharing his light and love as a leader and leaving our world a brighter place.

If you would like to support Jacob's family during this time:
* Contribute via Go Fund Me
* Feel free to reach out to Pam Hoffman at 

We have cancelled all our upcoming seminars in Boston. We are excited and looking forward to offering new on-line workshops and gatherings to support our community and people that are curious about Insight.

Insight I
The Awakening Heart Seminar

Dates to be announced. We are waiting on approval from the Governor regarding guidelines for group gatherings.

Insight I, the first of the Insight Seminar Series, lays the foundation for a profound journey of personal transformation. It introduces you to tools and techniques to effectively support you living a more fulfilling life, better aligned with your personal goals and values, and manifesting more meaningful success in your life. 

Insight II

to the Power of your Heart Seminar

Dates to be announced. The October seminar has been cancelled. As with the Insight I we are waiting for guidelines from the governor to allow for us to reschedule the Insight II.

Over 5 days, you will have an opportunity to look at:
  • Letting go of past hurts 
  • Learning how to communicate from an open and loving place
  • Becoming more confident and courageous
  • Expressing more authentically
  • Trusting your intuition when making choices
  • Loving yourself unconditionally
  • Discovering your talents and gifts
  • Affirming what's really important to you
  • Creating go-to reference points and tools to use as guides through life's challenges outside the Seminar
Email info@insightboston.org for more information


Join us for one of our upcoming
Insight Boston
Loving Connection Zoom calls:

Mondays from 7-8 PM EST 
(repeats every Monday)

View more information at:

Questions? Contact Don: chemistry1059@gmail.com

Video series - Bringing your Insight I to life

Further Information 

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Pay it Forward Fund

Tuition assistance for the Insight I Seminar

Created in memory of  
Laura Weingast Nieratko

Local graduates have contributed to this fund to assist anyone who needs financial support to be able to take Insight.

To inquire about making a donation, email info@insightboston.org