What is Insight?

At Insight Seminars, we help people create the love, success, financial freedom and connection that they want in their lives. Here in the Greater Boston area, we have a thriving community that produces seminars and classes throughout the year.
Insight Seminars is an international non-profit that has been helping people for almost 40 years to create miracles in their lives.


Upcoming Events

Insight I
The Awakening Heart Seminar
Mar 15-17, 2019
Burlington, MA

SPECIAL 40th Anniversary Tuition, $200!

Insight I, the first of the Insight Seminar Series, lays the foundation for a profound  
journey of personal transformation. It introduces you to tools and techniques to effectively support you living a more fulfilling life, better aligned with your personal goals and values, and manifesting more meaningful success in your life. 

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Recent Past Events 

Insight II
Oct/Nov 2018 
Janet Parker led another well attended and very special event.

Insight I
August 2018 
Another very successful event.  Thank you Michael Connor for facilitating!

Insight I
March 2018 
43 people worked with facilitator Michael Connor in an Insight I that was "magic from start to finish".

Living Your Affirmation
January 2018
Janet Parker and Matthew Winston led this workshop for Insight II grads

Insight III
November 2017 
47 participants showed up for this amazing event at a beautiful estate in Lenox MA. This is an exceptional number of participants - 47 lives altered - the momentum in Boston just keeps on growing.

Further Information 

Insight Seminars Website
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Personal Growth Network
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Email info@insightboston.org for questions on any of our events or for assistance in registering, or call 617-702-4671 to reach a local volunteer. 

Email logistics@insightboston.org if you would like to assist at a seminar

Pay it Forward Fund

Tuition assistance for the Insight I Seminar

Created in memory of  
Laura Weingast Nieratko

Local graduates have contributed to this fund to assist anyone who needs financial support to be able to take Insight.

To inquire about making a donation, email info@insightboston.org