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Insight I: 
The Awakening Heart Seminar 
May 5, 6, and 7, 2017
Hampton Inn Natick

Fri,   9:30A**-10P*;  
Sat,   9:30A-10P*, 
Sun,   9:30A-8P*  
Candlelighting Ceremony 8P-9P 
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Registration Information  

First-timer Price:  Price is $495.  
Graduate Price: Price for graduates to audit the seminar: $295 for this seminar!

Money Back Guarantee
First timers who received no value from the seminar will receive a refund if they request it in writing within a week of *completing* the seminar.

Awaken – Experience – Transform

Description of Insight I 
Insight I, the first of the Insight Seminar Series, lays the foundation for a profound journey of personal transformation. It introduces you to tools and techniques to effectively support you living a more fulfilling life, better aligned with your personal goals and values, and manifesting more meaningful success in your life. Insight  takes you on an engaging, inspiring, and exciting adventure of self-discovery. You clarify your own personal goals and objectives and you identify which of your beliefs and behaviors propel you forward to the success you want in your life, and which of your beliefs and behaviors hold you back from the life you really want to experience. Using simple yet dynamic tools of awareness, the Insight I reconnects participants to their authentic self — what we call your "heart". This re-connection generates great love, especially self-love, and tunes you in to your inner wisdom.
From this place of wisdom, you'll align to your life purpose, unleashing energizing feelings of freedom and enthusiasm.  As you deepen your understanding of your true self, you'll clarify your true life goals (and re-evaluate unsatisfying goals, which may have been imposed on you.) Highly experiential, Insight I is a powerful first step in self-awakening and self-awareness.  It brings you into a more conscious alignment with your true individual purpose, releasing feelings of great joy and fulfillment, and the experience of life's abundance.

Insight II
Opening the Heart Seminar
July 19-23, 2017

Insight III
Centering in the Heart Seminar
November 1-5, 2017

12pm - 5pm , cost $25 for Insight II Grads, led by Janet Parker.

5:30pm-7pm, dinner and discussion for core community members and assistants, open to all. Requested contribution, $15 for Chinese take out that we will order.

7pm -10:30pm, cost $10 or bring a potluck dessert treat to share, or both. 
(Free for Insight II Revitalizer attendees!)

Pay it Forward Fund
Tuition assistance for the Insight I Seminar
Created in memory of Laura Weingast Nieratko
Local graduates have contributed to this fund 
to assist anyone who needs financial support
to be able to take Insight.


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